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With the development of Internet, more and more people tend to shop on the Internet. Online shopping has provided some benefits for us, but it also has some disadvantages at the same time.


For one thing, online shopping has brought some convenience for consumers. Instead of going one shop to another, people can choose and buy all kinds of commodities they like as long as they click the mouse gently. This is not only a better choice for the old who do not have enough energy to go outside but also a great convenience for those who have no time to go shopping in person. In addition, consumers have more choices and can do some comparison when they are shopping on the Internet. They can glance over various commodities in all shapes, sizes and colors and decided to buy or not. Furthermore, online shopping has made a great contribution to the development of express delivery industry.


However, for another, shopping on the Internet also has some shortcomings. Firstly, those who shop on the Internet can’t try the goods before they buy. Sometimes, the real goods are not the same as the goods they see on the Internet. Secondly, some shops on the Internet are dishonest and they would not deliver the goods after paying. And if this situation happens, the consumers would find nowhere to complain and never pull out the money any longer.


Therefore, we should pay more attention when shopping on the Internet.



Everyone has experienced many happy things, and I am the most happy thing is to learn new knowledge, to experience personally. Look, I just learn computer knowledge.

I have nothing to play when a person at home, it suddenly occurred to me that my mother shopping on the Internet, I would like a carefully: "I have a want to buy something mother agreed." So I turned on the computer on taobao, left for right is unable to find the things I want to find, I shine at the moment, saw the search something of a bar, and then what I want to lose to the inside.

Really, really went, I chose a lowest point of the "buy now" it doesn't matter, can buy the thought directly, can be turned out a lot of options, at first I also serious to fill several options then I impatient, I wanted to turn off the page, but right on: "if the gateway off in front of a few is disqualified, I still don't turn off the" I also have a few options to fill back out, I'm a little bit about "confirmed, buy an option," payment successful "several characters as shown on the computer.

Online shopping for those legs and feet are not flexible in old people solve the physiological problems, taobao... Everything online, I support them.






I hope to have a piece of his watch. It doesn't, mom allow me to let me buy a piece. I was ecstatic, mom let I promise anything, I also don't listen, just happily agreed.

Mother suggested to buy on the net, I agreed. I also conveniently opens at my most trusted the most commonly used dangdang. I in the search bar to play on the word "watch". Mama ah, full screen is at sixes and sevens. Can't do this, I narrowed the range, changed to "students watch". This time, there are many beautiful is suitable for students to watch.

Mom and I took a fancy to a turquoise material silicone watches. Conspicuous slender pointer, turquoise rough strap, black dial, let a person cannot be removed from above the line of sight of. I want to take it impulsively, but my mother let me look at first, to shop around.

Speak too. I turn the page, my eyes were attracted by the other table. It has a blue strap, a pointer to the winding yellow like instant noodles, amusing, blue cartoon dial outside there is a green circle. I immediately took it and made contrast that piece before. I prefer this in, by contrast, of course. After ask mom for permission, skillfully I fill in the order, and confirm, system prompt me immediately successful.

I'm looking forward to more watch hurry to ah. I really appreciate the science and technology developed, now never leave home can shopping!







With the development of e-commerce, shopping online becomes a new way of shopping which is getting more and more popular. Many citizens are likely to shop through internet nowadays.

Generally speaking, shopping online offers lots of advantages with its convenience the most prominent. There are many commodities on the internet where you can search whatever you want. Besides, you just click the mouse can you get all information you want, so that you don’t have to go to the shop personally. In addtition, the commodities on the Internet is usually cheaper than the stores which can save much money.

However, everything has two sides. You can not see the products or check their qualities and some of the sellers on the Internet is not so honest. And, for those who enjoys shopping around different stores, shopping online perhaps will make them bo oring.

In my opinion, shopping online has more advantages than disadvantages, and with the improvement of e-commerce, there will be more people to shop on the Internet.


With the help of the Internet, shopping is not a difficult job. Just click your mouse to choose the article you like, and the shopping is finished. You needn’t step out of the room. It seems easy and quick. But there’s always a trap online. If you are careless, it will bring you some trouble. You may find the color of the article is different from what you want, or the size is either too small or too big. If you want to be different, you’d better not buy clothes online. Once you put on the clothes you bought online and go out, you will find many people wear the same clothes in the street.

With the development of the Internet and the popularization of computers, shopping on the Internet has become a commonplace in our life. Here consumers can buy almost everything they need.

Shopping on the Internet has a lot of advantages, of which the most important is perhaps its convenience. People don’t have to waste a lot of their energy and precious time to go from one shop to another to choose the commodities they like. This is especially desirable to the old, the sick and the busy people who cannot go to the shops in person. The goods come in all shapes, sizes and colors on the Internet. All they need to do is to sit in front of their computers and click the mouses. The commodities they order will be delivered to them promptly.

However, shopping on the Internet also has its disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that the consumers can’t see the goods or try them on personally. Sometimes, the real goods may not be the same as what they have seen on the computer. The second disadvantage is that some shops on the Internet are not registered. They will never deliver anything to you after they get the money from you. Once cheated, you will find that you have nowhere to go to complain.






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